Objectives & Goal


We strive to get deeper and unearth  exotic patterns, unique fabrics, rare-to-be-seen designs, uncommon shades, and make all of this available to the discerning customer at very affordable prices. Dress me ethnic is a Socio-Commercial E-commerce venture focused on promoting & marketing traditional, premium, & handcrafted products made by the craftsmen of India. We drive to spread exclusive & rich Indian heritage to the entire world, which in turn will help facilitate revival of dying Indian art & craft and will improve economic prosperity for the people at the grass root level.


India has a rich heritage of Art & Craft. Every geographical region of the country has wealth of unique art form, which conveys exclusivity of the region. Indian Diaspora as well as people living in the country has great affinity for rich heritage of India. However, the craftsmen are unable to reach to the customers because of lack of marketing skill sets.

Our goal is thereby focused on promoting & marketing handmade & premium quality  handicraft, handloom and hand embroidered Sarees made by the artisans from different parts of India.