About Us

We as a team try and bring out the best of our authentic Indian culture and keep up with the intensity of our deeply rooted traditions. We lay our endeavors on accentuating the aura of Indian craftsmanship. Reaching out to the demographics of India, we present to you a wide range of products absolutely magnificent and one of its kind. The longevity is such, that the finesse of our quality can be retained for generations after generations.

Dress Me Ethnic is about promoting the fading talent of the craftsmen of India. In a world of development, to keep up with the pace, talent is the one that is being sacrificed. We as a company cannot afford to lose the dying Indian art and craft. Hence, an initiative towards the improvement of economic prosperity for the people at the grass root level.

India marks unity in diversities. Diversities in turn marks the assorted culture. Fabric from one state, craftsmanship of another, this is how we make two cultures marry each other. Dress Me Ethnic poses its exclusivity with a way through such products.

You can be sure that with every traditional saree you add to your wardrobe, you are in fact bringing home and eventually draping around yourself seven yards of India’s complex and rich history. We ensure all our customers a sense of satisfaction from the wide range of merchandise that is carefully handpicked. A line of lifestyle products across categories like apparels, accessories, home décor, bags and much more.